Launch a profitable freelance business fast even if you think you have NO skills worth getting paid for















We all learned it the HARD way. COVID has taught us the importance of being able to earn money without relying on the traditional 9-5 jobs. It is time you take action NOW!

Do you want to


Work from anywhere in the world with just your laptop and internet


Turn your existing skills and passions into a money-making freelancing venture online


Work on exciting projects with clients across the globe


Spend more time doing things you love to do


Travel when you like and do what you like without having to worry about leaves and permissions

If you are saying a YES right now, you’re meant to be a freelancer but it is NOT easy. You will need the right strategy, guidance, and support to see results.

And, that’s what The Profit Plan helps you with.

The Profit Plan is a carefully created online program to help you identify skills, mix it with your interests or hobbies, and make money from it

We equip you with all the strategies, done for you templates, guidance, and encouragement required to start out and make your mark in the online world.

The Profit Plan has 2 levels to ensure you get the required support to scale your freelancing business easily



Let’s take a sneak peek inside the Profit Plan foundational section

Module 1: Getting ready to be wildly successful

  Setting your expectations right.

  Getting into the right mindset

 Managing fear, anxiety and building the initial confidence

  Time management made easy

  [BONUS 1] Smart Goals Planners

  [BONUS 2] Time Management Planner

Module 2: Niching down and picking up a profitable service

Why should you niche down on a service?

How to find a profitable niche?

How I arrived at a niche?

What if I still can’t pick a niche?

[BONUS WORKBOOK] Finding your niche

[BONUS] 150+ freelancing services to offer

[BONUS] Best Facebook Groups

[BONUS] Top 10 services you can offer today

[BONUS] Checklist for finding a niche

Module 2.5 - Finding Target clients + Going all Sherlock Holmes

Going all Sherlock Holmes for the day

How to select your target client?

[BONUS] Google Sheet for Sherlock Holmes lesson

Nailing down your USP for targeted messaging

[BONUS] Client avatar workbook

[SMART CHECKLIST] Checklist for things to be done from module 2 and 2.5

Module 3 - Pricing your services, creating offers and portfolio

How to price your services

[BONUS] Rate Calculator

Creating attractive Offers

[BONUS] Rate or Package Ideas

Creating portfolios + portfolio template

[BONUS] Swipe file to ask for free work

Module 4 - Branding your business

Branding – Introduction

Naming your business

Building your website

Website Basics

Creating portfolios + portfolio template

[BONUS] Service Website Checklist

Module 5 - Setting up processes

Overview of discovery calls and onboarding process

[BONUS] Discovery call guide + tips

[BONUS] Discovery call workbook

[BONUS] Discovery Call Script

[BONUS] Discovery call checklist

[BONUS] Proposal & Tracking Ninja

[BONUS] Red Flags

[BONUS] Template 1 – Basic Contract 1

[BONUS] Template 2 – Basic Contract 2

[BONUS] Template 3 – Basic Contract 3

[BONUS] Tools to use

[BONUS] Using project management tools (tutorial links)

Module 6 - Finding Clients on Job Boards

Introduction to Job Boards + Tips

Pitching tips + Job Boards I have used

Some more help

[BONUS] Swipe Files

Module 7 - Finding Clients on LinkedIn

Introduction to LinkedIn + Profile Optimisation

How to find clients on LinkedIn?

Content strategy on Linkedin

[BONUS] Swipe files

Module 8 - Using Facebook Groups to land clients

Using Facebook Groups to find clients and network

[BONUS] Best Facebook Groups

[BONUS] Short Success Story of a VA I interviewed

Module 9 - Using Instagram for clients

Using Instagram for landing clients

[BONUS] Swipe files

Module 10 - Pitching (cold emails)

Tools to use to find contact info and track emails

Finding Clients to pitch

How to write the email pitches?

Cold emailing tips

[BONUS] Template 1 – Beginners sword

[BONUS] Template 2 – Seasoned pitch

[BONUS] Template 3 – For Job Postings

[BONUS] Template 4 – Personality filled email for job boards

[BONUS] Follow up Template

Module 11 - A few other things

 Ask for referrals from your clients

A few pricing concepts you should know

A one-month business plan for you

[BONUS] 12-week sample business plan + blank template.pdf

[BONUS] Client Acquisition and social media cheat sheet

This is not it, we also have a lot of other bonuses
to boost your career as a freelancer

Email support

Work through the modules, finish the assignments and email us for feedback.

Weekly Job Leads

Every Friday, you’ll receive a bunch of job leads you can apply to. This will help you start earning immediately!

Members only FB group

A supportive community is crucial as a freelancer and we provide you with that

Weekly Office hours

Get all your questions answered by Chhavi directly

3+ skill based training

I will teach you 3 skill-based training in case you have no experience or skills to start with.

21 hacks to find clients

Learn a total of 21 hacks, that I used myself and can help you land your first client

What my students have to say

Since I began to apply what I was learning in the course, I have managed to sign up 4 clients, all of who have willingly paid me 50% advance & the promise of growth opportunity with them. I initially thought that 20k a month from my freelancing business would be great! Now I realize that these tools have enabled me to earn much more and empowered me to choose my clients. My target was to achieve 20k a month as a freelancer which I have earned within the first 15 days of enrolling in The Profit Plan.

-Ishieta Chopra

I bought The Profit Plan back in March and slowly started implementing it. While I did not make thousands of dollars, I did land a client worth $150 within the first two weeks. Today, I am working with 3 clients and have reached my income goal of INR 25000+ in a month. I’m already talking to a few more and I’m positive things will work out. So happy I decided to invest in this program and Chhavi is always so helpful. She always goes the extra mile to make sure her students know what to do.

-Deepika Khare

Who is Chhavi?

Chhavi quit her job as a lawyer almost 4 year back to start freelancing.

But, unfortunately her husband, Amit was laid off in just a few months and they were left with no income streams.

This is when they decided to start freelancing (against everyone’s wishes!) and was able to make their first $700 in just 30 days of implementing their 6 step process (that they share in The Profit Plan)

Today, we have multiple successful businesses running online


A freelance writing business


A blog that has over 100000+ readers each month, and


A YouTube channel with over 2500 subscribers and growing

If you are 100% committed to work, then we’re ready to go the extra mile to help you build and grow your freelance business with The Profit Plan

If you join us today you will have these bonuses available to you


Foundational course to set up your business the right way (Value INR 25,000)


Weekly Office Hours with Chhavi for ONE year (Value INR 25,000)


Email Strategy & Feedback Support specific to your business for ONE year (Value INR 9,999)


VIP Support in FB Group for a Year (Value 5,999INR)


Done for you templates, Worksheets, Cheatsheets, and Guides To Help You Implement everything you learn ( Value INR 4999)


Join Bonus: 5 Bonus Lessons (Value 14,999INR)

How to deal with clients and difficult situations? (June)

How to raise your rates slowly? (July)

How to start subcontracting? (August)

How to grow with guest posting and collaborations? (September)

How to get featured on leading publications for your expertise FAST? (October)


Change templates workbook planners with 21 hacks to land your first client (Value INR 3,000)


3+ skill-based training in case you have no experience or skills to start with. (Value INR 5,000)

P.S: Weekly Job leads (Indian and International clients) for ONE whole year in your inbox (Value INR 9999)

Total Value INR 95,000 +

Pricing for The profit Plan INR 8889

However, you can use the link below to get the entire course at INR 7,665

(or installment plan of 2 payments of 4,499 each – please reach out to me on for this)

I just wanted to let you know that TPP has changed my freelancing career 360 degrees. I’m a content/copywriter and Social Media Manager.

Initially, I was creating just content and was blank about how to sell my services without sounding salesy through my posts. But after joining TPP I’m able to convert my inbound leads (ofc a big role of your email support) especially you highlighted the tiniest mistakes that I have made so far, it all became possible. My client’s deal closing rate has increased up to 70% by the time I join TPP.

Right now, I’m working with 3 clients after joining TPP and among them 2 are foreign high ticket clients.

A Big THANKYOU💜 and sending lots of positive vibes

-Ishieta Chopra

I’m almost ready…I just have a few more questions

No problem, check out the FAQ below.

How is this course available to me?

The course videos are pre-recorded on an online platform which you can access from anywhere and at anytime. The office hours happen every week and you’ll be given the access details in the Facebook group

How is this course different than any other?

The Profit Plan is specially crafted in a manner to give you the maximum benefits. You not only learn the foundation with the videos (which are updated regularly), but you also get access to a supportive Facebook Group, lots of bonus swipe files and templates along with passionate mentor like Chhavi who will answer your questions personally.

You won’t need another course on freelancing ever.

How much guidance will I get? Will I be ditched with dusty old videos?

Absolutely, no.

The videos are updated and you get lifetime access to them.

Besides that, you can ask questions anytime in the Facebook Group for a year and every week (for one whole year), Chhavi conducts a group coaching call where you can get your queries answered.

If you cannot attend live, you can submit your questions and watch the replay.

I don’t live in India. Does this help me?

Of course, it does. The entire course is based on building an online business which can operate from anywhere. So, it doesn’t matter where you live till the time you’re committed to put in the work.

I am a college student/stay at home mom/fresh graduate who has no skills and no prior experience. Will this help me?

Yes. You can take this course and learn how to find a profitable service to offer and build an online business that makes money. You don’t need prior experience or a college degree in a specific field (like marketing).

You can build a business in a manner which suits your situation in terms of time and flexibility.

Is there something I absolutely must have?

Yes. A laptop, internet connection and good english skills.

If you think you don’t have that, you can always learn while working through the course. There are tonnes of online tools and courses available for that.

Do we get lifetime access?

Yes, you have lifetime access to the modules and pre-recorded videos along with all updates.

How long until I can make money and land clients?

It will totally depend on you. Some students have landed clients within 2 weeks of the course, some took a month and some even more. 

Is there a guarantee?

Unfortunately, not anymore. We removed the guarantee clause because people tried to misuse it. You don’t get a guarantee anymore. That said, we stand behind the course and we know it will help you.

I just want to build a side hustle. Is that possible?

Of course, it is. A lot of the students pursue this as a side hustle and you can too.

The course is self-paced so you can finish it according to your time availability. I also teach you time management tricks in the course which can help you create a plan based on your situation

Are there any further investments I would be required to make?

No and a yes. The course will teach you how to build a business and get clients.

But, the course doesn’t teach you all the skills you can offer as a freelancer. While you can make use of free platforms like Coursera, Udemy, Skillshare, YouTube videos and Google to learn the skills (which is what I did when I started out), you can also invest in a skill-specific course to accelerate learning and growth. This is absolutely optional.

I was able to get USD 700 without having to invest in any skill specific course. I learned whatever I could from the platforms I just mentioned.

What if I have more questions?

You can schedule a consultation call with us here or shoot us at email at  

Don’t see your question answered? Shoot us an email at

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